Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Now the distance leads me farther on, though the reasons I once had are gone*

The man behind the counter, at the Muffler place, was entering my information in his computer..he asked, "Do you have a spousal unit?" "No, I don't" I stammered out, then someone hit the pause button and we both looked at each feelings,a bit embarrassed, but his face showed compassion....push play..."Well, do you have an address?",he continued...I smiled, "Now that, I do have."

There are moments where reality hits you and those moments can happen in the most unexpected places. Going to a new Doctor entails the filling out of the forms...pages and pages. ...questions you can't answer and some you can....its the first time I have checked the Divorced box and it caused some emotions to surface; some which I thought I had been able to file away. I have heard talk about grieving as a time period where you can be somewhere, not expecting it, then boom, you are slammed in the face with the remembrance of loss. I will never get use to checking that box because never did I believe I would have to.

I must say that I wouldn't take anything for what I have learned on this path though at times it seemed relentless...I am making it to the other side. Thanks to all who have hung in with me and showed me what true washing of feet can be..

*From "Farther On" by Jackson Browne

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I have heard that divorce is harder than loosing a spouse to death because there is no death to mourn. The natural process of overcoming loss is not taken and therefore loss lingers.

By Blogger Clint, at 6:18 PM  


By Blogger Blondie, at 2:32 PM  

Love you, Bev.

By Blogger Katie, at 11:58 AM  

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