Thursday, May 04, 2006

Saying laughing and crying you know it's the same release*

This is me missing Preacher Boy and Frustrated Writer...............
Okay..first, leave your comment about what you miss about our two blogging friends, you know..eulogy style... then let's.... tell some jokes...(Clint says I'm depressing everybody.)

Okay... FW..I miss Tuesday Tidbits.....I miss exchanging stories about White Pelicans...I miss hearing about what furniture you have....

Okay..Scott....I miss winning the post of the week..(wait a minute..I have never won post of the week!)..I miss good stories..and really clever comebacks..

There you go guys ....tell them how much you miss them and maybe they will come back to us!

Texas jokes:
Q. How do you know which one is the Aggie on the offshore oil rig?
A. He's the one throwing bread to the helicopters.

(Sorry Aggies..for those who don't know they are the brunt of alot of jokes in Texas)

...Never slap a man who's chewin' tobacco.

YOU KNOW YOU'RE IN TEXAS WHEN…You no longer associate bridges (or rivers) with water.

There you go Clint....

*From "People's Parties" by Joni Mitchell

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I miss FW's face. I love that picture of him holding up his head. And I miss Scott's greenness and his cleverness and his heart and the way he makes us all feel special and then disses us.

By Blogger candy, at 7:23 PM  

I miss how Scott causes me to think about things that I might not have thought about before, but also how he is so funny! I told one of my friends that if she wants to run off to Hawaii to get married, I know a preacher there.

I love the joke about associating bridges with water in Texas!

By Blogger Jeans, at 7:37 AM  

I must confess that I don't read FW's blog regularly, so I just went over there to see what is going on, and there is nothing there! FW, you must come back too! I've read lots of his comments on other's blogs, and I think he is great!

By Blogger Jeans, at 7:39 AM  

One minute he's so happy
Then he's crying on someone's knee.

By Blogger happytheman, at 8:20 AM  

I miss FW's occasional story about traveling through Arkansas or some other hick place. My favorite post of his EVER was titled "You may out-money me, but you will never out-chicken me". The title speaks for itself.

I can never tell if his stories are real experiences or made up. He'll be back, but like I said on Scott's blog (just before he pulled the run on us) we should all switch to either pot or coke to deal with this crisis. :)

As for Scott, I miss his ultra-liberal heretic self. I miss reading stuff that is so unbelievably outrageous theologically one minute - only to realize half the time he is just provoking a good ol fashioned debate only to realize after days of sparring -- we finally realize that all the time we've really been agreeing on the core matters. And even if we don't, I miss him calling me brother anyway.

One positive from all this though - their absences have caused me to take stock of my own blogging situation as far as who is directly in my sphere. And while you and Jeans seem to check my blog at least semi-regularly (I only post semi-regularly so this is ok) I confess that I usually do NOT check your blogs. They are now bookmarked in my blogging file.

By Blogger Demosthenes, at 8:46 AM  

awwww...Demo..that is so sweet...I am honored..

By Blogger Beverly, at 8:51 AM  

I feel kind of blogging illiterate. I don't know how to add y'all as links on my blog. That is why I don't have links, I don't know how to add them.

By Blogger Jeans, at 1:54 PM  

happy..whenever we took road trips whoever was driving got to choose the brother hated when it was my turn because Court and Spark was in the cassette player..I loved Twisted..and he thought I was nuts no more ifs or ands or buts..I can sing the whole thing..uh huh

By Blogger Beverly, at 3:11 PM  

Jeans..oh boy..i know how to do it but i wouldn't begin to know how to tell you..

By Blogger Beverly, at 3:13 PM  

Hey my beautiful bev! How are you doing today! I didnt get to make it to class today I had pratice and I had to pack cause Im leaving tuesday!! Im going to miss your smiling face on MWF but you well be an awsome teacher I hope we stay in touch!!
I love you girl!

By Blogger Amelia, at 3:37 PM  

don't worry about it jeans - i don't know how either. makes me crazy trying to figure it out.

By Blogger Candy, at 3:51 PM  

OK, I'm just kinda pissed at Scott because 1) He led me on 2) His last comment said something about IF there's a flip side 3) he didn't email ME like I asked him to and 4) I'm just selfish and miss reading his stories.

In all seriousness, his last comment did bother me a lot.

By Blogger Plankton, Evil Genius, at 4:30 PM  

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

By Blogger Beverly, at 5:11 PM  

aww...plankton..does scott know your email?

By Blogger Beverly, at 5:19 PM  

He can find it. It's linked on my blog.

Am I worried for nothing?? Because his comment really did bother me. I think my heart skipped a beat. Really.

By Blogger Plankton, Evil Genius, at 5:22 PM little favorite..he's just taking a break..don't are a sweetie

By Blogger Beverly, at 5:31 PM  

thanks beverly.

By Blogger Plankton, Evil Genius, at 5:54 PM  

amelia...i am so sad i won't see ya..i missed you today!!

By Blogger Beverly, at 6:16 PM  

When my Dad and I went on road trips I alternated between Hissing and Heijra. He never complained much.

My ex tolerated the Joni.

But that's why I hang out with Joni Folks when they come to town.

By Blogger happytheman, at 3:16 PM it

By Blogger Beverly, at 4:35 PM  

Well, I missed all you guys - except that I cheated a couple of times and checked in. But a couple times is pretty good for a stalker like me ;-)

I spent a lot of time sharing with God the things for which I am thankful, and you all were mentioned QUITE a bit.

Now if we can get FW's tank filled, this sphere can start gaining full speed ahead!

By Blogger Scott, at 1:42 AM  

yay....he's back...........

By Blogger Beverly, at 2:35 AM  

hallelujah!!! I mentioned you a few thousand times too, green boy.

By Blogger Candy, at 5:02 AM  

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