Saturday, September 06, 2008

I believe in a better way...*

Things that make me excited and grateful...

Obama's speech. It made me cry. I grew up in Montgomery, Alabama and it just moved me to see this happening in our country. I feel his words and his presence was like salve on an old wound. No matter what your political orientation is you just have to take a moment to take all this in and feel good about it all.

Sam has a job with an awesome Christian man, building fences. He comes home sweaty every afternoon and just seems happier.

Whitney's cute little condo and her precious fiance and her precious heart.

Our new little puppy "Millie." She and Jett crawl up and sleep with Sam every night...pretty cute.

My new little class made up of 15 boys and 7 girls. I have one little boy, like last year, who is growing up with his Aunt because both parents are in prison. He is my little Bubba. In his precious little West Texas accent he says, "Well, give me a hug." or to a friend, "Here, let me help ya with that." He's a inspiration to me already. It seems he's made a choice and I just love him to pieces.

My new Swiffer Dust Vacuum. I love it. Is that wrong?

My best buddy gave me an amazing new bike for my birthday! I got a $50 bike from Walmart last year and it just sort of died..kinda worth the money I spent I guess. Getting this bike is right up there with my first tricycle and the 10 speed my brother surprised my sister and I with which he bought with the settlement he got from KFC because of the emphentigo. (long story haha) I was in 7th grade and it was really big and I basically had to wreck it to stop. But I was cool with my 10 speed and my faded jeans with the american flag sewed to them. (okay, I got way off the subject.)

And of course, my precious God who just keeps His hand on my head no matter where I run or what happens..I will never forget how He has comforted me.

*From "Better Way" by Ben Harper