Friday, February 22, 2008

Walk, walk, the water Walk with me yeah*

So...what are your views on House Churches?...just wondering

*From "Walk To The Water" by U2

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Dear Da, did you know something? We're moving again.

Whitney told me about a movie that I must see. I watched it with a friend and loved it. It was a beautiful powerful movie. Go rent it. The name of it is Dear Frankie and it's right up there with Garden State and Gilbert Grape for me. It's one of those movies that leaves you sitting on your couch long after the DVD player has been turned off. This movie is set in Scotland and the accents are a bit thick but you'll get the hang of it after awhile. I loved the music in the movie..kind of Indie Scottish music.

Other movies that have been pretty powerful lately...Micheal Clayton was good but I need to see it again. No Country For Old Men is a movie I could never watch again and really closed my eyes a few times when I saw it but its powerful. Someone said to me that its Ecclesiastes in movie form. I think he's right. Good acting and powerful scenes. Let me warn you that it is way violent. That Javier dude deserves his Oscar nomination. I loved Into the Wild. Very cool what he concluded in the end and Hal Holbrook is up for best supporting and is precious in it.

Oh and I loved P.S. I Love You...thanks Mel...

go obama...

Saturday, February 02, 2008

the sun also rises

The sun is out and its beautiful outside. I find myself though longing for a spring thunderstorm crashing outside.

I did spinning class this week and I am going to attempt to run tonight. My doctor says I can exercise as long as I can stand it.

Most classes walk down the hall with their little hands behind their backs in ducktale fashion but every once in awhile my class screams out, "Teacher, let's be a choo choo train." Being a choo choo train involves everyone holding hands connected together like cars on a train. I of course am the lead engineer. Such joy on their faces as we make our way to the playground with all our hands touching from the compliant child, to the sad child, to the troubled child...their faces seem to scream out, "We are all in this together." I can't stand the thought of only 4 more months with my littles loves at Woodson.

I am headed out to sit and watch my baby try on Wedding Dresses...I hope I don't totally embarrass her by tearing up the whole time. She's headed to Africa this summer. She and a friend will be in a little village in Zambia. I got a call from her this week telling me that the grocery store, 45 miles away, burned down so it looked like they would have to kill for meat this summer. I was speechless...she said, "It's okay Mom, we can hire people to hunt for us." This girl never ceases to amaze me and I can't imagine what she will bring back from this experience.