Monday, March 23, 2009

cooked carrots are good...even with just a grind of pepper.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

You've got yoga honey I've got beer You got overpriced And I got weird.” *

I peered through the glass doors, from the candlelit room, attempting an unwonted position on my yoga mat, watching people running to nowhere on their treadmills with their aesthetically designed water bottles at close hand, as I tried to "find my center" and say goodbye to stress.
Unfortunately from my view, I could see the talking heads telling all of the financial wonder these patrons of the Gym were running. I admit that, as of late, I have been quite Walden Pondish about the mess in our country. I much rather listen to the laughter of the children and the encore music of the Ice Cream truck rounding the corner. I much rather watch the excitement of children as they discover the Fire Station and the little blades of green grass in a sea of brown that I hope someday will all be green again.
Yoga is a bit of a challenge for me. Well, a lot of a challenge for me. I'm not one for sitting still as one of my friends laughs his head off at my new notion to go for a fish one day...He seems to think that I couldn't sit still long enough for my cork to hit the water. The most challenging part of the Yoga hour is at the end when you lay there and let everything go. I mean, for like an entire song. Whitney went to Yoga with me yesterday and I kept trying to get her attention during the "relaxing" part of the Yoga class. "Pssst...Whitney, will you go to the Gynecologist with me?" ...."Yes, Mom." "Psst...Whitney, what if they find something?" Okay, this is definately not the a topic of conversation you should be having in the relaxing stage...Well, you really aren't suppose to be talking at all... yet another challenge for me.
I don't know...its funny, we force ourselves to drink water, we run on machines and we take a class to do some funny poses to relax...I just think our ancestors would have a good laugh.

Headed to the Yoga class tonight...will let you know how it goes.

We live in a simplistic complex world...

*From "A Room Of Our Own" by Billy Joel